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With the rise of cryptocurrency, ETHSUN was established in 2014, inviting the former Microsoft and Google technical teams to join the company and focus on ETH mining services.

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Release time:2021.08.12 Announcer:EthSun Hits:

I am Christophe, I am more than 50 years old, since I was in my 20s, I have been doing some financial investment in my spare time at work, from stocks, foreign exchange, gold, I have gained a lot of wealth, I invested in property, opened a company, but I still continue to do the financial market, because making money with money is the fastest way to make money, after I contacted EthSun Inc. I realized that this is a big market full of opportunities, and under the introduction of the person in charge of their company, I bought 60,000$ of mining machines in one breath, and made a profit of about 600$ per day, and I introduced many friends in our Chamber of Commerce to participate in this project. This project is the easiest project for me to make money since my investment, I like it very much, I am more happy that my friends also make money easily under my recommendation, this is something I have not been able to do with other investments, I think I will keep doing this project, maybe this is the new model of the future global investment market.

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