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With the rise of cryptocurrency, ETHSUN was established in 2014, inviting the former Microsoft and Google technical teams to join the company and focus on ETH mining services.

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Release time:2021.08.12 Announcer:EthSun Hits:

My name is Lee Hyo-ri, I work in a cell phone accessory company in Korea, my income is not high, and I usually have less contact with new things, but happily, I have many good friends, very often, we have common hobbies and habits, what we usually do, we will share together, a friend of mine, always like to do financial investment, under his introduction, we met EthSun Many of our friends bought 2000$ miners together and made some profit every day, which made me very comfortable, then I recommended my sister, my sister is a business, he has a lot of employees, this platform is very strong, every time I recommend a person, I can have 15% profit, with the help of my sister, I recommended to 46 people, they all applied for an account and bought 2000$, I What I didn't expect is that they also referred their friends and I was able to make a profit, I love this company and I'm glad I can make money, I hope everyone can be as successful as I am.

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