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With the rise of cryptocurrency, ETHSUN was established in 2014, inviting the former Microsoft and Google technical teams to join the company and focus on ETH mining services.

Customer Feedback2

Release time:2021.08.12 Announcer:EthSun Hits:

My name is James, I am an ordinary cab driver, one month, I found that many customers who took my car went to one place, that is EthSun company, they gave me the feeling of being very rich, which made me feel very interested in this company, so I came to this company to visit, came to this high-end building, let me feel that everything is very extravagant, under the guidance of the company staff Under the guidance of the company's staff, I understand a lot of content that I did not know before, wealth just by hard work is not possible, but also need vision, I applied for an account, bought 500 $ mining machine, through their share profit way, I referred a person to get 15%, the first I got 75 $, and he also referred a friend, I did not expect, I also profit 37.5 $, after the success of the account, I recommended to my colleagues are I applied for an account, just a few days, I made a profit of $5000, then I bought another $5000 mining machine, this month, I successfully made a profit of $18000, in the future, I can get more, but I have never had the income, thanks to my choice, thanks to EthSun!

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