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With the rise of cryptocurrency, ETHSUN was established in 2014, inviting the former Microsoft and Google technical teams to join the company and focus on ETH mining services.

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Release time:2021.08.12 Announcer:EthSun Hits:

My name is Alice, from Malaysia, has been working in the Queen's chain of health club, in the work, I met a person who changed my life, she is my customer, every time I come to the health club, I know very well that she is very rich, in her introduction, I contacted EthSun this enterprise, through the introduction and contact, I learned the strength of this company and bring me the opportunity to make money. I took my little salary and bought 1000$ of miners, slowly I found that I made profit every day, then my friend also asked me to recommend it, I shared it with him, I found that after I recommended it, I actually made 150$ profit, I realized that this can also be profitable, many of my friends followed me, I found that the money I made in just a few days was higher than my income in the health center for several years, now I have more time Now I have more time to achieve my vision, thanks to my sister, thanks to EthSun.

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