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In recent years, "virtual currencies" have become the choice of many investors, with "Bitcoin" becoming more and more popular around the world and attracting more and more investors' attention.

Although recently, China has taken action to crack down on cryptocurrency mining activities such as Bitcoin and banned virtual currency trading, making cryptocurrencies the focus of public attention once again. However, money follows the evolution of economic forms and civilizations, and as information civilization rolls on, it has become the trend for crypto-digital currencies to take the stage of history.

In fact, since Bitcoin was introduced as a concept in 2008, the price of Bitcoin has rocketed all the way up, from just $0.03 at the beginning to over $10,000, which is comparable to the eighth miracle in the history of human civilization.

Especially in February this year, the price of one bitcoin once exceeded $58,000, its value exceeded one kilogram of gold, and the total market value exceeded one trillion dollars, comparable to Tencent's market value, ranking sixth in the world.

Bitcoin's nickname of "digital gold" has since become well deserved. This has led many users to question: Can Bitcoin really dominate the future of money and investment?

According to Bridgewater's Dalio, Bitcoin is indeed a very powerful invention. Because the invention of a brand new, wealth-storing, money in circulation through a virtual system is just like alchemy, creating money out of very little, if not out of thin air.

The "epic" central bank deflation of the country under the new crown epidemic of 2020 has left everyone, without exception, mired in the mire of inflation. Under such circumstances, it' So, in the post-epidemic era, demand for gold-like assets is on the rise, but there are not many of them.

This is where bitcoin reveals its advantages: similar to gold, central bank money printing does not devalue it, limited supply, and the ease of global circulation, portability, and exchange, especially for private wealth.

On the other hand, research data shows that in the past year since the outbreak, the world's 2,365 billionaires have increased their wealth by a total of $4 trillion, or 54%. If we look at the top 20 global billionaires, the increase is as high as 68%.

Such a huge increase is a consequence of the surge in asset prices over the past year: Bitcoin surpassed $60,000. The global stock market rose, the best performance is actually big A shares, experienced four meltdowns of the NASDAQ also came a desperate comeback; global property market created a historic boom, the United States, Japan and other places even appeared "housing shortage" ......

It has been proven that cryptocurrencies have the advantage of retaining or even appreciating in value, and those who see this have enjoyed the dividends of rising asset prices brought about by the global flood last year, and instead of returning to poverty due to the crisis, they have become "crisis profiteers".

Choosing cryptocurrencies as a hedge asset has become a major trend in the future. This is a train of wealth not to be missed! At present, cryptocurrencies have shifted from the secondary market trading platform to the primary market - mining. Because the gain from speculation comes entirely from the rise and fall of cryptocurrency prices, even if the cryptocurrency market does not fluctuate significantly, the coins in your hands will not generate additional income, while mining is a long-term stable income process, which is more risk-resistant compared to the trading market.

So, how is the best platform to start cryptocurrency?

Choose NAPEthSun cloud arithmetic mining, EthSun originated from North America, founded in 2019 in Boston Massachusetts, is the world's leading one-stop blockchain arithmetic cloud platform, its founding team members from Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan Chase and other Fortune 500 groups of technology and financial talent, dedicated to providing global users with BTC, ETH, FIL and other multi-currency digital asset mining services and coin value management services that far exceed the industry benchmark income level.

According to the official website, EthSun currently has 19 large blockchain mining farms around the world, with deployment areas in Russia, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Mongolia, the United States, Norway, India and other countries, with a total power supply capacity of 600MW and 400,000 mining machines in operation, which can run more than 800,000 at the same time. Its mining efficiency is 30%-50% higher than that of its peers, making it the world's leading arithmetic mining pool.

NAPEthSun opened the Chinese market in May and swept through the major mainstream blockchain platforms at a rapid pace. After the three major exchanges of HOO, COINW and BICC were launched one after another within a month, it officially landed on the world-renowned digital currency quotation information website - non-small in June, and according to the real-time data of non-small, 2021 On June 8, the day of login, the total global market value of NAP reached ¥59.337 billion, and the current coin price $9.2850.

At present, the average daily registration volume of NAPEthSun is about 10,000, and the total user volume is about 200,000. On May 24, the first day of the official launch of BICC exchange, the volume broke 100,000, the transaction value reached 10 million, and the highest intra-day increase was over 230%!

NAPEthSun focuses on providing cloud arithmetic mining services, with no investment area restrictions and investment threshold as low as 87U, achieving the highest zero investment cost and multiple income returns, with investment returns far exceeding those of its peers!

At present, NAPEthSun is carrying out "cut a knife" to help mining activities, every time you invite a friend to rent a mining machine, the friend can immediately save 5% of the cost, at the same time, you will get the corresponding referral reward, and finally achieve zero cost to rent a mining machine, the inviter will get 30% of the daily mining income of the recommended friend, and 5% of the daily mining income of the indirectly recommended friend for 6 years, plus the income generated by its own mining, to achieve three ways of income, the return on investment far exceeds that of peers!

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