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The fundamental role of virtual currency is to synthesize value on the "site" of individuality, rather than to determine a rational value in isolation from an equilibrium point separated from the real world. The significance of virtual currency lies in the establishment of a value system centered on the final consumer. After the virtual currency is fully realized, a single currency with only general equivalent functions will tend to be backstage. Game currency is a test field for higher-level virtual currencies, and it is difficult to be a big responsibility. The ideal virtual currency is the value symbol of the real world. In the general equivalent exchange, the specific use value and the subject counterpart of the specific use value—human non-homogeneous needs and individualized needs are completely filtered out. Virtual currency will change all of this. Through virtual methods, people's non-homogeneous needs and personalized needs will be anchored to the fundamentals by individual reference points, and value will be synthesized. Therefore, virtual currency must have two sides. On the one hand, it has the function of commodity exchange, and on the other hand, it has the function of barter exchange. 

The former overcomes the relativity and subjectivity of value, and the latter realizes personalized value confirmation. In order to achieve this goal, virtual currency must achieve an unknown huge transformation, which is the transformation to a dialogue system and become an interactive currency. The bargaining here is a bargaining against the currency price level. Recall that the transformation from text to dialogue that mankind has achieved in decades is the direction of the virtual currency transformation. The value of game currency is actually uncertain. When people exchange game coins, the happiness they may eventually get is whether they are above or below the value of the currency. It is uncertain before they participate in the game. The game is a dialogue process. Of course, the various value-added functions of game currency have not yet been developed in conjunction with personalized information services. If this kind of value-added service is fully developed, the game currency is not universal because of the different merchants that provide services, which may become an advantage over stocks.

A fully personalized virtual currency may be a currency card with additional information, and its value is yet to be confirmed. The virtual currency with specific functions and residual value can have the same room for reinterpretation as the text on the one hand, and has the potential for redevelopment of karaoke style on the other hand. Its information value has an open interface and can add value. If they are exchanged in a secondary market like the stock market, they may fluctuate up and down in their basic par value based on their personalized information, and they will have more attractiveness like stocks. Game currency only has the function of value circulation, not the function of market platform, so it is just an imperfect virtual currency. The reason is the lack of a corresponding industrial foundation.

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