The peculiarities of virtual currency

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First, personalized virtual currency will have information functions in addition to liquidity and value-added.

The biggest difference between a personalized virtual currency and the stock market is that it not only has the integrated pricing function of the reference point, but also the distributed pricing function of the reference point. This process is not completed in the virtual currency market, but in the development of personalized modern services. For example, in the personal auction link, the bargaining process combined with the local framework (FRAME) must not only include a process of exchange of value leading to a unified utility, but also a process of leading to the realization of value diversification. This means that virtual currency must ultimately be closely integrated with the development of the personalized information service industry. Although stocks also have certain information functions, this kind of information is subordinate, and it is based on industry.

The future virtual currency can have the triple functions of currency, stock and information card at the same time: on the one hand, it can be used as the base currency (or exchange with the base currency) to obtain liquidity; on the other hand, it can have value-added functions; most importantly, it can also add information . And this kind of information is just a kind of interface information to be completed, and it needs to continue to realize its value in the service industry.

Second, personalized virtual currency will have its own cultural value positioning.

In the future personalized virtual currency trading market, price level information similar to today's stock index will also be formed. But unlike the stock index, the personalized virtual currency price index will not reflect investment value-added information, but entertainment value, cultural value, spiritual value, free value, and personality value similar to cool value. For example, the game index may not reflect its investment value, but the value of individual freedom.

For another example, in the Supergirl vote, it reflects the popularity index, not the professional index. If it is not SMS voting, but a personalized IC card that integrates currency and derivative financial instrument functions, such as corn cards and FANS cards, the value of the card will fluctuate with fashion information, reflecting the freedom of personal choice. Once it is combined with the development of the personalized service industry, it will form a benign interaction mechanism.

Third, the personalized virtual currency market will play a role in promoting traditional industries.

With the growing trend of game industrialization and industrial gamification, personal freedom has therefore been fully developed, that is, personalized self-realization, which will become the ultimate goal of industrial upgrading. Traditional industries, including product manufacturing and service industries, will regard the satisfaction of spiritual and cultural values as the pursuit of added value for products and services. In the context of the development of this industry, the role of the personalized information service industry in driving traditional industries may be realized through the guidance of the personalized virtual currency market. That is to say, after the products and services of the traditional industry have reached the optimal level of homogeneity, they will eventually be found under the guidance of the information market-whoever has something "cool" will sell well, and if it is not "cool" it will not be able to sell. .

The future industrial development will not only need the guidance of GNP-type stock indexes, but also the guidance of GNH-type cool value indexes. Japan, which proposed GNC (National Cool Value), is moving toward such an industrial development model, and following the Meiji Restoration, it is on the path of re-modernized industrial development. The United States and South Korea have also come to the fore in this regard. China is facing the choice of the second modernization. Many "small things" like virtual currencies actually contain information of great significance.

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