How to purchase ethsun miner?

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Ethsun is a professional mining platform. You can rent eth miner at the most cost-effective price. You do not need to pay electricity and management fees in advance. We will automatically deduct the daily electricity and management fees from your income

1. Install our ethsun product, click "wallet" and select "transfer" in usdt

2. Select "copy wallet address"

3. Open your digital comparison exchange. For example, binance selects "withdrawal address" and "usdt" to paste the coin collection address just copied on ethsun's official website into "withdraw" of your own wallet. Save the screenshot

4. Click "certificate" to upload your transfer screenshot, enter your transfer data, and click "submit" to confirm your deposit in a short time.

5. Click "home". In "miner list", you can select the ethsun cloud Miner you want to rent

6. Select the quantity you need to purchase and enter your transaction password to purchase successfully

For more information, you can download the app on the official website or contact us by email

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