U.S. Cryptocurrency Companies Raise Record Funding Investment Preferred by NAP EthSun

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According to data platform Tracxn, U.S.-based blockchain and crypto startups have raised more than $5.88 billion in the first six months of 2021. This compares to just $2.19 billion raised in all of 2020.

Relating to recent market hotspots and policy factors, exploring the market logic behind this financing behavior, China has been the largest country in the world in terms of bitcoin computing power, although the percentage figure has been decreasing. From a maximum share of over 90% to 1.71% today, a number of well-known mining companies are divesting their domestic related businesses due to policy implications. The major mining pools have suspended the provision of mining machine hosting and other related services to the territory of mainland China, as well as blocking IP access within mainland China. This has given overseas countries and regions room to grow and expand business opportunities.

Mike McGlone, Bloomberg's chief commodities strategist, tweeted today that bitcoin and gold are expected to be the main beneficiaries as the stock market retreats. Top investment experts from Wall Street are leading by example in being bullish on cryptocurrencies, confirming capital's confidence and favor for cryptocurrencies. For domestic investors, a feast of wealth seems to be going away, unwillingly but helplessly.

For domestic investors, the best way to invest is to plunge into overseas markets and choose the right platform to have the security of their property.

NAPEthSun, founded in 2019 in Boston Massachusetts, USA, is the world's leading one-stop blockchain arithmetic cloud platform, whose founding team members are composed of technology and financial talents from Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan Chase and other Fortune 500 groups, dedicated to providing global users with multi-currency digital asset mining services such as BTC, ETH, FIL and coin management services that far exceed the industry benchmark return level.

NAPEthSun's parent company, North American Technology Giant North American Zikor International Group (NAZK), has core management members from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and other famous international investment banks, and has participated in the IPO projects of famous companies such as Tesla and PayPal, and has rich experience in corporate finance and M&A, FICC, equity investment and other financial business fields.

According to its official website, EthSun has 19 large blockchain mines around the world, with deployment areas in Russia, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Mongolia, the United States, Norway, India and other countries, with a total power supply capacity of 600MW and 400,000 mining machines in operation, which can run more than 800,000 at the same time. Its mining efficiency is 30%-50% higher than that of its peers, making it the world's leading arithmetic mining pool.

NAPEthSun entered China in May and immediately started a prairie trend, sweeping through major mainstream blockchain platforms. According to the real-time data of NAP, on June 8, 2021, the total market value of NAP reached ¥59.337 billion, and the current coin price is $9.2850.

At present, the average daily registration volume of NAPEthSun is about 10,000, and the total user volume is about 200,000. On May 24, the first day of the official launch of BICC Exchange, NAPEthSun achieved remarkable results, with a turnover of over 100,000, a transaction value of 10 million, and the highest intra-day increase of 230%!

NAPEthSun focuses on providing cloud arithmetic mining services, and currently supports arithmetic mining of BTC, FIL, ETH and other mainstream crypto assets. It has a unique double mining mechanism to produce the rated percentage of NAP coins. At present, NAPEthSun is carrying out the "cut one" mining activity. Every time you invite a friend to rent a mining machine, the friend can immediately save 5% of the cost, and at the same time, you will get the corresponding referral reward, so that you can finally rent a mining machine at zero cost, and the inviter will get 30% of the daily mining income of the recommended friend and 5% of the daily mining income of the indirectly recommended friend. The inviter will get 30% of the daily mining revenue of the recommended friend, and 5% of the daily mining revenue of the indirectly recommended friend for 6 years, plus the revenue generated by their own mining to achieve three ways of revenue, the return on investment far exceeds that of their peers!

NAPEthSun will become the world's largest mining pool in the future with the group's strong capital, advanced public state mechanism and global layout, which will provide a more stable investment environment and higher returns for the majority of users. At the same time, it will reach cooperation with more leading decentralized exchanges and blockchain investment institutions worldwide, continuously improve the application scenarios of NAP inside and outside the arithmetic ecology, build a more perfect consensus system, improve the NAP value system, and the price of NAP coin will continue to go up, leading the majority of users and jointly digging into the era of digital economy!

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